Call to Action

I realized today that I have gone on way to many rants on the threats of environmental degradation without ever actually doing anything about it. My actions have been limited to criticizing other people for not being environmentally aware without ever actually making an effort to make them aware of the problems we face. If... Continue Reading →


Stories From The World #4

For the past 5 years I have avoided calling this city home, just as I have every other city in my life. And there have been so many. Yet, all of them are now blurry, haunted memories of a time I can't go back to, and frankly, I don't want to either. I have never... Continue Reading →


"Hold my hand! Please. I am begging. Hold my hand and lead me astray. I'll go anywhere you say, but just hold my hand. Please, stay."    I am a cocoon, I am the shriveled form of a young seed. I cannot grow, not on my own. Not yet.     And I am the... Continue Reading →

Living Scared.

I am scared of living. That's it. That is all it is. I am really fucking scared of living. For the past 4 years, anxiety has consumed my life. I have forgotten what it is like to live without that feeling, and in moments, in those small teeny tiny moments where for one second that... Continue Reading →

Little Girl 2

Life has thrown me back in the ocean, and with each mouthful of salt water that burns my throat and nose like acid; the woman I spent the past year building up is chipped away, like nail polish on the fingers of an edgy teen, to reveal the lost little girl. And as  guilt crawls... Continue Reading →

Coming Back To Life

You are sitting in a room full of people. A room full of people who are family; blood and water. It's loud, that room, loud with the sounds of their laughter and shrieks of delight as the clowns among them do their magic. It is so loud, but it's the loud of 'Coming Back To... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Love

Paint splatters, brilliant blues and sanguine greens raindrops of yellow through rays of red, all down his jeans.   My confusion persists: I can't seem to understand who's the artist behind this rainbow love?   Sometimes, i feel, i am the painter of his sickly pink love. Just a canvas though, for his love is... Continue Reading →


I have a problem said the figure  It's getting a bit too hard now sobbed the reflection  I need help screamed the shadow  It's not worth it anymore whispered the skeleton  Too bad.  Don't worry!  It's all in your head!  They still have guillotines in some places,  If, you are interested, that is.

The Book Thief: Review

I really want to write a long review for this book, but I can't find the right words- ironic. You could easily pass it off as just another Holocaust story, except, the thing about 'The Book Thief' is that its written so beautifully, that it is anything but. Death, the narrator of the story is... Continue Reading →

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