Rejoice fellow human beings for I am in an extremely good mood today. So be infected by my gayness and optimism. I finished my poem. 

We are restless

We are uncommitted

We are free

Yet we are bound

Bound by the restlessness

Bound to drift

From one to another

We love too much

We feel too much

We can not always remember

But we can never forget

No pain is too big

No love too small

Home is everywhere

But everywhere is not like home

We bury our emotions

Yet we always let them be dug up

We turn our backs

And we turn back around

I know its kind of emo but I am just starting on new projects because I have no hobbies. I kinda thought I was a good writer turns out I am not. Meh. I don’t care. Soooooooooooo ummmmmm I don’t know what to talk abouttt. I am so tired. Its way past my sleeping time. I am sleeping early these days. I know its a weekend but I wake up early to study. eeeek.




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