The Calculator

The problem with smart people is that they think they are the only ones with brains on the planet. Uh, hello? 7 billion plus people and you seriously think you are the only one with enough to brain power to find the circumference of a circle? Not so smart now are we?

I punched in the last number and watched as the values switched on the screen and the door to the safe opened with a ping. I rubbed my hands with anticipation and took a few seconds to revel in my daydreams of stardom and riches as the soontobe only person on the planet with a device of its calibre. Dumb is as dumb goes. The sight of the gleaming silver body of the object made me abandon all precautions and I immediately reached in the safe to take out the living breathing proof of man’s greatest creation; the Calculator. Yes people, you heard me right. A calculator.

I heard a gong in the distance and then running footsteps. Shit I must have tripped some alarm. This place was advanced for common standards. But I would think of that later. This was too easy but I wasn’t willing to take any chances. I gingerly placed the Calculator inside the cushioned case I had brought and placed a replica made out of clay in its place and exited by the backdoor. I ran across the backyard jumped over the low chicken wire mesh and just like that I was out and to think I had been worried. I clambered onto my cycle and rode away.

Those buffoons probably wouldn’t figure it out until it was too late. I rode away whistling cheerfully.

I guess this all seems very confusing I mean why the fuss over a calculator? Was it a special calculator? Nope. not really. Its just YOUR average scientific calculator. We all must have read about alternate universes and what not. Well while technology is very common in your world, its not so common in mine. Added to that people in my world are dumb. Really dumb. But once or twice every decade some really smart person will be born and they’ll invent something really cool but that stuff will be fairly common in your world. For example Air Conditioners. They might be very common in your world but here they are a rare commodity. Everything else in your world and mine is the same.You get the idea.

But back to me and the Calculator. Every damn year all us high school students give standard exams. One of the subjects we sit for is Math and guess what math without a calculator is a pain in the ass. Specially since in the past 200 years only about  2 people have passed it. But I am about to be the third person because now I own the Calculator.

The only thing left for me is to disguise into something which I can take with me for the exam after that I am starting mass production of it once I figure out how it works. And then i shall be rich and famous.

*to be continued*


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