I grew up listening to Pink Floyd. The relevance of the music, the lyrics, never hit me until I hit 16. 

That’s when I actually started feeling the music. Not just on an emotional level but on a physical level. Music either makes you sing or it makes you silent. There is no in between. 

Listening to some songs makes my throat clench and the feeling is bittersweet. And almost unexplainable. I tried to put it in words to someone I know. He didn’t understand all too well. But that’s okay. 

Most people listen to their favourite songs when they are sad but for me it’s not like that because those songs make me feel too much. And the last thing I want to do when I am sad is feel too much. 

There is a beauty to music that is absolutely indescribable and you have to wonder over the power musicians hold over us mere mortals. 

Everyone needs to give these singers a listen; 

David Gray 

Jaymes Young 


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