My name is Nys and I am of the planet Mnagodi. I doubt you have heard of my planet, human. It is in secluded part of the galaxy, away from your spaceships. We are much like you in appearance, but nothing like you in any other way. We have no concept of gender or race. There is none of your ‘he’ and ‘she’ on my planet. We love who we wish to, we procreate with whomever we wish to. We survive on the goodwill of our fellow Mnagodi. We do not follow your system of finance, we do not follow any system of finance.

Us, Mnagodi, have much goodwill so never has it been that anyone suffered from starvation or homelessness. It is an unknown thing to us. Our survival is linked to every individual of our species and only fools would compromise that. But, alas there is no shortage of fools in the universe. You would think that with such a system, we would live in harmony, but no, it is not so. And for that human, I blame you. 

All molecules, all living matter in the universe is linked, and so Mnagodi’s existence is linked to yours, and Earth’s to ours. Our planets are the only ones with sentient, living beings. Since we do not go about committing genocide and suppressing other living beings, our existence does not cause ripples in the universe, but yours does. And these ripples unleash chaos in our world.



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