Stories From The World #2

I think there is this inherent fickleness in man’s very being. Loyalty is a very marred concept, wouldn’t you say? People talk of how loyal dogs are, but I don’t think it’s loyalty; I think it’s more of a survival tactic. They probably understand us better than we do. Give man unconditional love. Don’t question or argue with him, and you are set for life.

The best life lessons are learnt from the worst people; I find that kind of ironic.

I think I loved my mother, if not that, the most I can say is I definitely acted like a loving child. Whatever that means. I think she loved me too, no one really shares a bed with you if they don’t. Well, unless you are poor, that’s a different story though.

I have been told that people can’t survive alone, they need companionship; I never thought that applied in our case. If it’s the two of us together, we aren’t really alone then, are we? I guess its a different kind of alone.

The first time she saw him, was the first time I saw him too. Chocolate brown eyes, curly brown hair-dimpled smile. There has been no moment in my life where I have seen my mother so content-so satisfied.

The minute I saw him standing there in his black coat; I knew it was goodbye. Had I not been a good enough child? Had I not given her enough love?

Survival tactics, I guess.


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