There is something very breathtaking about literature. 

The skill of turning normal everyday words into art. The beauty that comes with being able to interpret a verse of poetry in more ways than one. Using words to convey smell, sound, sight. 

Lifting a person from one moment in time to another; from one place to another. Making someone lean forward in anticipation with the pace of a paragraph.

Literature is an art form; one that envelops your body and soul. 

While studying for my literature exam, I was going through literary devices, and it struck me how nice most of them sound, like: 

Anaphora: the deliberate repetition of the first part of a sentence. 

Caesura: rhythmical pauses in poetic line.

Onomatopoeia: imitating the natural sound of a thing.

Synesthesia: presention of ideas, people, places, things in such a way that it appeals to more than one sense.

Cadence: changes in rhythm and pitch of sounds or words 


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