The Book Thief: Review

I really want to write a long review for this book, but I can’t find the right words- ironic. You could easily pass it off as just another Holocaust story, except, the thing about ‘The Book Thief’ is that its written so beautifully, that it is anything but.

Death, the narrator of the story is explicit from the start about how the book is going to end. There are no cliff hangers, bated breath moment about what’s going to happen next. The reader is made to know chapters before it happens. This book is about the story of Liesel Memminger and all the lives she touches on Himmel street, but its also about words and the power they hold.

This theme ties in with the story line through the story , ‘The Word Shaker’, that Max writes for Liesel. But more so this theme is demonstrated by how Zusak uses words to tell the story. You don’t just read the sentences, you savor them, you roll them about in your mouth and you swallow them. Each description evokes synaesthesia by not only making the reader  visualize what the words say but also hear and smell them.

The book was released gloriously from his hand. It opened and flapped, the pages rattling as it covered ground in the air. More abruptly than expected, it stopped and appeared to be sucked towards the water. It clapped when it hit the surface and began to float downstream.


Its a lovely book, and I would recommend that you all read it. It gives you a very different perspective of Death, and its gets you thinking.

p.s some advice: if you are wearing mascara, make sure you take it off before you finish reading this. 

*I really do apologize for how terribly and halfheartedly this is written; I just can’t seem to find the motivation to write these days. However, I still do try to write just to keep in practice. Please bear with me. ❤


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