Coming Back To Life

You are sitting in a room full of people. A room full of people who are family; blood and water. It's loud, that room, loud with the sounds of their laughter and shrieks of delight as the clowns among them do their magic. It is so loud, but it's the loud of 'Coming Back To... Continue Reading →


Rainbow Love

Paint splatters, brilliant blues and sanguine greens raindrops of yellow through rays of red, all down his jeans.   My confusion persists: I can't seem to understand who's the artist behind this rainbow love?   Sometimes, i feel, i am the painter of his sickly pink love. Just a canvas though, for his love is... Continue Reading →


I have a problem said the figure  It's getting a bit too hard now sobbed the reflection  I need help screamed the shadow  It's not worth it anymore whispered the skeleton  Too bad.  Don't worry!  It's all in your head!  They still have guillotines in some places,  If, you are interested, that is.

The Book Thief: Review

I really want to write a long review for this book, but I can't find the right words- ironic. You could easily pass it off as just another Holocaust story, except, the thing about 'The Book Thief' is that its written so beautifully, that it is anything but. Death, the narrator of the story is... Continue Reading →

Talk About Toxic Relationships 

I think everyone has at least once in their life experienced that moment where time stops or slows down. Kind of like that Matrix movie scene; the bullets moving in slow motion. Except that you also slow down. Your arms feel sluggish, the packet of chips in your hand feels like a dumbbell and it's... Continue Reading →

The Almond Tree: Review

The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti is a first person narrative of the life of Ahmed Hamid; a Palestinian boy living in an Arab village in Israel. The story centers on Ahmed's struggle to keep his family together and provide for them as his father is carted off to prison, in the Najev for... Continue Reading →


I am trying to put depression on paper  To tell myself that I am real  This is real  I am not deluded  My mind is not going off the rocket  I am ok.  And it's so hard to put into word  Something  Something that chokes you the minute you start  And it'd be so much... Continue Reading →


Tingling- Tracing- Twining- slow motion Thriller.  Jagged breathing,  out of breath rasping for Air.  cold currents by warm moist touches on leaned back necks.  Clenched fists.  half smile-smirking. she’s such a winner, you know.


We all, oh we all cry- I am so very misunderstood, I don't know why.  I have a halo on me- look at all these damn sinners.  It's all them, never  Not me.  Can you imagine?  All the hurt, my halo and I,  we have been given?  Yet, here I am.  Not angry,  not bitter, ... Continue Reading →

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