I am trying to put depression on paper  To tell myself that I am real  This is real  I am not deluded  My mind is not going off the rocket  I am ok.  And it's so hard to put into word  Something  Something that chokes you the minute you start  And it'd be so much... Continue Reading →



Tingling- Tracing- Twining- slow motion Thriller.  Jagged breathing,  out of breath rasping for Air.  cold currents by warm moist touches on leaned back necks.  Clenched fists.  half smile-smirking. she’s such a winner, you know.


We all, oh we all cry- I am so very misunderstood, I don't know why.  I have a halo on me- look at all these damn sinners.  It's all them, never  Not me.  Can you imagine?  All the hurt, my halo and I,  we have been given?  Yet, here I am.  Not angry,  not bitter, ... Continue Reading →

Loner man 

Kaleidoscope blur of happy colours Sleepy music, plays over the heads of others. Others, but for one man in his neon suit.     Standing, Bitter Angry, and Resolute. My little lover to be, can't you see the monotony in a life so sordid? Come away, dance a little. I'll tell you all you need... Continue Reading →


Attention. Attention, it's all they really do say. One Word. Attention.   And it's as if-it's all gone away. The pain, the fear, the lonely choking tears. It's all swept away. With just one word,   Attention. I am alone and I am scared. I don't want a spotlight, weak beam torch lights will do... Continue Reading →


There is something very breathtaking about literature.  The skill of turning normal everyday words into art. The beauty that comes with being able to interpret a verse of poetry in more ways than one. Using words to convey smell, sound, sight.  Lifting a person from one moment in time to another; from one place to... Continue Reading →


A candle is blown out by the breath of an almighty, those illuminated by its light are plunged into darkness.   Wax hardens and grows cold, like the heart, of a grieving soul. No sorrow too deep, no pain too bold.   Grief consumes the growth of a lover, Stunted to an emotional impasse, like a... Continue Reading →

Stories From The World #3

I think a lot. Sometimes, I think, I think more than people normally should. And then, I panic, and I try to stop. But, thinking is addictive; it's what wakes me up in the morning, and keeps me up at night. Do you ever go through that terrible phase where you feel angry at the... Continue Reading →

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