There is something very breathtaking about literature.  The skill of turning normal everyday words into art. The beauty that comes with being able to interpret a verse of poetry in more ways than one. Using words to convey smell, sound, sight.  Lifting a person from one moment in time to another; from one place to... Continue Reading →


A candle is blown out by the breath of an almighty, those illuminated by its light are plunged into darkness.   Wax hardens and grows cold, like the heart, of a grieving soul. No sorrow too deep, no pain too bold.   Grief consumes the growth of a lover, Stunted to an emotional impasse, like a... Continue Reading →

Stories From The World #3

I think a lot. Sometimes, I think, I think more than people normally should. And then, I panic, and I try to stop. But, thinking is addictive; it's what wakes me up in the morning, and keeps me up at night. Do you ever go through that terrible phase where you feel angry at the... Continue Reading →

Boys will be boys

I swear, I truly believed them in pre-school when they said, 'he hits you because he likes you' I guess, it's different when boys hit you, and when men do.

My brother

My brother goes to all the concerts and all the shows. But when I ask mummy, she says no. And my brother, he comes home from school and goes to bed. I do the dishes, listening to mummy, telling me how tired she is. And I rub oil into her feet, as she praises my... Continue Reading →

Stories From The World #2

I think there is this inherent fickleness in man's very being. Loyalty is a very marred concept, wouldn't you say? People talk of how loyal dogs are, but I don't think it's loyalty; I think it's more of a survival tactic. They probably understand us better than we do. Give man unconditional love. Don't question... Continue Reading →

Stories From The World #1

Open your eyes- they always say that; I just can't seem to understand why. No matter how many times I open my eyes, the world is the same. It's a 120 shades of black or white. Everything is a comparative extremity. Either, I sleep on a full stomach or an empty one. I get clean... Continue Reading →


I'll be doing great some days, most days actually, and then I'll log on to Facebook and there will be some comment from him on a year old post; and there will be this bitter taste in my mouth that I can't swallow away because of the lump in my throat. I'll start feeling cold... Continue Reading →

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